Sunday 25 February 2-5pm

Yoga Sanctuary Studio, Mt Martha

Join us in the beautiful Yoga Sanctuary studio amongst trees for a special afternoon clearing away stress and tension.

Restorative yoga is one of the most effective antidotes to stress and a powerful way to avoid buildup of tension in body and mind.

Restorative/Yin Yoga works wonders at clearing stress from the body and mind and calming the nervous system. This means you will leave feeling physically cleansed and invigorated with new energy, stamina and calmness for days (and weeks) to come! What better start into a year filled with health and wellbeing?

Take time out for yourself to renew and recharge your body and soul

This is what you will experience

  • A 2.5-3 hour guided restorative yoga practice
  • Personalised guidance to get you totally comfortable in the poses
  • Guided deep relaxation to clear stress and pain from the body
  • Deep breathing practices to energise your being
  • Skills how to avoid accumulating stress in body and mind
  • Delicious healthy snacks and herbal teas
  • An afternoon in our beautiful studio overlooking native bush
  • Use of all props, mats, blankets, bolsters, eye bags

Is this Workshop for me?

This is an afternoon to totally "let go" and to be nourished. If you feel you just need some time out for yourself, this Workshop is for you! Restorative yoga works wonderful complementary to a more active yoga practice, or lifestyle and is especially beneficial for people who have busy full lives. Pamela has studied restorative yoga techniques for years and is an expert in personalising these practices to each participants needs. This is one of her most popular workshops. "Has to be experienced to be believed".

Places limited to 12. Investment $89.

Secure your spot today with online payment. Please send an email to with payment information.

Account: Yoga Sanctuary BSB: 633 000 Account: 147614465

Cancellation policy: Once payment has been received, a refund can only be offered in special circumstances. If you are unable to come you are welcome to send a friend, or we can help fill your spot with someone from our waitlist.

This is what participants of this Workshop say:

"Pamela you are such a Master of Yoga. I am so happy to have been on your relaxation retreat yesterday.  I have the experience of NO SHOULDERS at the moment which is amazing.  I usually have to go through a full trigger session to get the same result and it is usually an unpleasant experience for me. I must say for a massage therapist this is intriguing for me, that so much tension can be released without anyone touching you. Has to be experienced to be believed." 

"Thanks for a wonderful restorative yoga workshop yesterday. I had a terrific night's sleep afterwards and have felt very calm and balanced today. So powerful! Your almond cherry cake was sooo good too." 

"Your restorative yoga session was just what I needed after the last few months of house-moving and workplace changes that have left me physically and emotionally depleted. Since moving here I've been missing the lovely yoga school I had attended for over 20 years but walking into your beautiful serene space yesterday and meeting you, felt like 'yoga home'. Thank you. Apart from your nurturing attention, the lovely postures, the warm room and beautiful ambience of the space, one of the things I especially appreciated yesterday was the music...often the music in a yoga class can be intrusive or distracting but your selection was just perfect. I also do like a yoga space with's so much more comfortable than wooden floors. Many grateful thanks for your expertise, kindness and nurturing attention."




NEW Workshop Date: March/April 2018.

Contact Pamela for info. 

Yoga Sanctuary Mount Martha 

No matter if 2017 has been a good year or a challenging one, take time out now to pause, to dive deep and discover what really matters to you in 2018.

Creating your own Vision Board from an embodied space will get you started on an incredible journey to move closer to your dreams, day by day, as the year unfolds.

Setting your life path from this space is one of the most powerful practices you can do to align your life with what you truly desire. And it is so much fun!


A whole day of exploration and transformation.

Dedicate a whole day to become the artist of your own life.

Vision Boards are powerful tools to create the life you wish for.

They keep us aligned and on track for our destiny.

This is what awaits you

  • A powerful ritual to release 2017, to make space and clear the path ahead
  • A guided flowing yoga practice to clear tension in your body and resistance in your mind
  • We will use gentle and powerful yoga practices to activate your chakras and to open up to receiving all you need to know
  • Led practices to access your internal knowing, to uncover what really matters
  • Tools to mover closer step by step to creating the life you wish for
  • Creating your beautiful own Vision Board
  • Connecting with other like-minded people
  • Inspiration to take away for a year filled with joy and unforgettable moments
  • A clear sense of what lies ahead and how to steer through challenges
  • Gourmet lunch (available to pre-0rder for additional $21 or bring your own)
  • Delicious wholesome treats, herbal teas and afternoon tea all included
  • A day away from it all in our beautiful studio amongst the trees



Is this Workshop for me?

If you want to become the creator of your own destiny then this workshop is for you.

You don't have to be creative to create your Vision Board. It's my special expertise to take you an this journey so it's easy, fun and effortless.

I have had the privilege to lead hundreds of people on this journey.

This day includes yoga, meditations, and guided creative processes. All levels of yoga welcome and no creative experience (or talent) needed.



Investment: Early Bird  $199, Full $239

Payment details: Pay today to secure your spot. Bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis, and spots are limited to 12. Send an email to with your payment receipt.

Account: Yoga Sanctuary BSB: 633 000 Account: 147614465

All yoga props, materials, lunch, delicious morning and afternoon tea included.

Cancellation policy: A refund can only be offered if you place can be filled with another participant or someone from our waitlist. Alternatively you can gift your place to a friend. Refund will only be honoured in emergencies and special circumstances. Please note, as numbers are limited bookings are taken first come first in basis.


Workshop Facilitator:

Pamela Rauleder is an experienced Yoga Coach and Art Therapist and the founder of Yoga Sanctuary and Yoga Sanctuary Beach Yoga.

This is her signature workshop, drawing on years of experience working with people using yoga and tools of transformation to create lives filled with radiant wellbeing.

This Workshop is only offered once a year.



"Since attending your vision board workshop my dream to work in Europe has manifested! I had just returned from travelling in Europe at the end of last year, and really wasn't ready to return back to Australia.  Part of my vision was to live and work in Europe, and hope to one day open a wellness retreat for travellers. Well after creating my visionboard at your yoga studio, within 3 months I had phone interviews for a job advertised in Munich.  It was for a company I used to work for in Melbourne. After many Skype interviews with the UK/Europe office I was offered a job in their Prague office. At the beginning of this year I had no idea of work opportunities in Europe and thought it would be too difficult to obtain a visa.  But it's amazing through perseverance to follow my dream how I stumbled across this job with a previous company. When I returned to Melbourne, I really felt stuck and that I didn't belong there anymore... And now I'm so grateful as the universe was pushing me back on track to find my way back to Europe."


"I highly recommend Pamela's workshops - she creates an amazing space for yoga, art therapy, vision boarding and relaxing & renewing the soul.   I've been to 3 of her retreats and all were wholesome and authentic experiences.  If you have the chance, it's magic".


“I feel a lot more relaxed. I am breathing deeper. I feel more clear about what I enjoy doing and how I will fit that into my life.”