What others say

What others say

“Wise and intuitive teachers are rare. Thank you for being both.”
Susan, Melbourne

“Pamela you are such a Master of Yoga. I am so happy to have been on your relaxation retreat yesterday.  You give 100% of your self and the results speak for themselves. And the space you have created is very special. I have the experience of NO SHOULDERS at the moment which is amazing.  I usually have to go through a full trigger session to get the same result and it is usually an unpleasant experience for me. I must say for a massage therapist this is intriguing for me, that so much tension can be released without anyone touching you. Has to be experienced to be believed.” 
Prasada Jai, Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Therapist

“I feel a lot more relaxed. I am breathing deeper. I feel more clear about what I enjoy doing and how I will fit that into my life.”
Connie, Melbourne

"Every week I look forward to my yoga class at Pamela's beautiful and peaceful Yoga Sanctuary. It is where I can nurture my inner self and feel connected to others and the universe. I leave feeling physically and mentally refreshed and strengthened. I have experienced a great deal more mindfulness since I began practicing yoga with Pamela. Thank you for sharing your special gift Pamela.”
Sandy Way-Leishman, Sandalwood House Wholistic Massage

“Thank you so much Pamela for providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in such a beautiful bush setting for the half day retreat. I especially loved the creative part of it, making a vision board and setting positive goals. The afternoon tea also added a special touch to the whole experience. I look forward to attending more retreats in the future.”
Diana Bonwick, Wu Tao Dance & Yoga Teacher

“I feel calmer and happy for the first time in nearly a year. When I smile it’s genuine.” Anonymous

“Attending Pamela’s classes is a great joy for me. Pamela’s wisdom and understanding is an inspiration to me. I feel safe and well-lead into asanas. Her guidance focusses the mind, energises the body, and harmonises emotional,energetic, and spiritual aspects. I approach each class with anticipation and always feel re-energised but relaxed after the class and leave with a deepened awareness of some aspect of yoga. Pamela is a special person. Thank you Pamela for enriching people’s lives.”
Kathy Quin

“Thanks for a wonderful restorative yoga workshop yesterday. I had a terrific night’s sleep afterwards and have felt very calm and balanced today. So powerful! Your almond cherry cake was sooo good too.”
Merilyn, Melbourne